About - Cortex Financial Services Group, Inc.

Cortex Financial Services Group, Inc. ("Cortex FSG", together with its subsidiaries "Cortex") is a diversified global financial services company dedicated to modernizing transaction flow, democratizing access to venture capital and private equity markets, and advancing innovative sectors of the economy.

We are driven by our core values:

Cortex's core values include openness


Ideas and practices should be exposed so that they can be critiqued and improved on.

Cortex's core values include openness


Rules and regulations should be respected and adhered to. Only from a position of compliance can credible attempts for reform be made.

Cortex's core values include competition


Competition drives innovation,  and efficient optimal price levels, and efficient allocation of resources. People and businesses should be encouraged and enabled to compete.


Alexander Kreindler

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Stevens

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Harris  

Chief Compliance Officer

Pedro Blanco

Head of Investment Banking

Aaron Gathmann

Head of Venture Capital

Vagner Perez

Head of Latin America

Powering Innovation.

Founded in New York in 2019, Cortex is creating a global platform to increase transparency, efficiency, and access in the private markets.

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